Friday, December 31, 2010

Tu Sufres/Meatus split cassette

Tu Sufres/Meatus split cassette out now.
100 Copies.
Available at our upcoming shows.
Ride the iceberg.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Holy Shit! 666 Views by Crazy Grinders

You crazed grinders are fucking awesome!

Another Violent Gorge/Tu Sufres Split Cassette Review

Here is another review of our split with Violent Gorge. Please don't be afraid to use your first language if you review us. We may not understand the words but we do understand the world-wide language of Grindcore.

When I bought this tape I planned to use it as a blank one just for copy some music on it with and without Dolby if it was not pleasurable. Also planned to use my DBX 224 for some add-on sound track forwarded to a studio. However it did not be able for these purposes. The sound is too wonderful for me. Ugly is not ugly in my ears. The tape have enough dynamic range for my purpose. The tape hiss sounds as the Niagara Falls to me. I have tried to adjust and tune in both my head and spirit but without acceptable results even though I used pills and alcohol to get an optimum result of the adjustments. My opinion when listened the tape is that the musicians and the instruments solutions do not match the life - It's expansive compared to others such as Ulcerrhoea etc. Now I have given another version of the tape to my youngest son - he doesn't care about the sound as he is enough satisfied if the grind is destruct and the music is heard...

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Basement Grind Download

The set we played @ All-The-Way house on December 14 is available for download. The show was great. Thanks to Unfun, Brain Attracts Flies & Flash Out for the good times as well as the fine folks at the All-The-Way house for putting this on/putting up with us. Enjoy.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Grindcore/Punk Rock/Potluck..etc.. This Tuesday!

Tuesday, Dec.14 @ All-The-Way house (48 alloway)

Unfun (Vancouver)
Tu Sufres
Brain Attracts Flies
Flash out

Music starts at 7 and there is a $5 cover.

From 4pm-7pm there will be a POTLUCK before the show... so bring some food.
UNFUN have been on the road for about 2 months now and could use some good home cooked meals! I am not sure of their eating habits so bring some vegetarian/vegan friendly food!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

we are a serious band...

-The link for the VG split has been updated and now includes full cassette layout art on a pdf file.
-Mini mid-west grind attack tour in effect come January.
-We will be recording soon for a few split releases and probably some other stuff
-Tu Sufres is now a 5 piece. the addition of Smoov Jazz on second vocals is shaping up quite well.
-Come check out some shows, see you there

Monday, December 6, 2010

Tu Sufres / Violent Gorge split tape

Ear shattering nauseating noisy grind mayhem on both sides of this tape is sure to have the cops called on you by an annoyed neighbor. Released in the summer of 2010. This is long gone but is now available to download. click on the link. Baby, this shit is back from the fucking grave. For a good time, not a long time, call someone who gives half a shit. Buy it at a show or download it, I don't give two fucks.

Tu Sufres / Violent Gorge split download

Saturday, December 4, 2010

TS / VG tape review

This is what somone important had to say...

"Tu Sufres is a free-grind band I know not for too long time. A friend of mine gave me a cassette a few months ago. After a first audition, it worked good on my ears. What can I say about this album? Released in 2010, is an album of grindcore music consisting in 28 songs. The main feature of this album is represented by a repetitive theme, so all songs could be easily regarded as a single one. Overall, there is nothing special, the music is simple and cacophonous. Recomended for an evening audition or driving. even for a bike trip"