Thursday, August 30, 2012

What's up? Not a whole lot...

So hey, not much happening over here. Tu Sufres probably wont be doing much for a long time. In the meantime, check out PLAGUE, Featuring Jay and Rodrigo from Tu Sufres. We have a tape out entitled CRUSHING THE FALSE that you can listen to HERE

 Plague hail from the frozen shithole known as Winnipeg. On this, their debut offering, they crank out 5 raw, pissed off blasts of crusty hardcore punk rock brutality that will make you think about how fucked up this stupid world really is.

Tu Sufres has some exclusive tracks on the WORK.SLEEP.DIE. Grindcore compilation tape that is out now as well through Uneasy Listening Records. This tape is packed with a shitload of awesome grind and noise from bands all over Canada and the U.S. Listen to it HERE the tape comes with a big foldout sleeve with artwork from all the bands.

Both tapes are available through the Uneasy Listening Records webstore HERE