Friday, January 14, 2011

Tu Sufres @ the Albert this Saturday

Hey, We're back from our mini tour. Thanks to the bands we played with as well as Charlie and the fine folks at the Rat Hole in Minneapolis. Big thanks to Jason and Fitz for their help in Appleton as well. So, Yeah, were playing this show tomorrow night at the Albert. Everyone will be there. You should too.

Saturday January 15, 2011
@ The Royal Albert

Flash Out
Violent Gorge
Tu Sufres
Zombie assault

Shit starts at 10 sharp

Saturday, January 1, 2011

US Showdates

Friends and lovers,
We will be playing a couple few shows very soon in the everyone's favourite country.
We'll have some tapes with us, both the split with Violent Gorge and the split with Meatus.
Spell with u's, the old anti-imperialism is the new imperialism.

Show details:

Minneapolis, MN
w/Disthroned Agony,

Appleton, WI w/Dead Tooth (IL),
Soy City Strangler (IL),
Number 9 Hard (Mil.),
24in. Pythons

Cheese Factory
Small Town Churchbell
Out of Gas
Minivan Anger Attack
Chainsaw Snoring Fury
Piss Bottle Attrocity